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7 Ways to Make Money With Private Label Rights

Read  below about private label rights, what they are, how to use PLR ebooks, reports and articles and find out about some great places to find PRL.

How PLR content works.

PLR is content that you get from the original author with their permission to use it as your own. You get the source files for articles, ebooks, special reports, mini-courses, site graphics and more by the original  author and you can use the content “as is” or change it or add information. You will usually receive a Word file so you can edit the content any way you like. You can put your name on PLR content and sell it as your own or even give it away to build your list.

Private label rights provides instant content so you don’t have to spend hours writing  or spend  hundreds of dollars outsourcing.

Although you can use PLR “as is”,  the best way to use PRL is to use it as a rough draft, an outline and a tool for blog post or newsletter ideas. It saves research time. To make it unique, rewrite  it, change it to suit your needs, personality and writing style, add information, add your own personalized introduction and current research. Also, give it a new name, have new graphics created, and literally make it your OWN.

Rights vary so always read the rights for each individual PLR package you purchase as some PLR content have limited rights. Most of the time, you can do whatever you like with the content. The restrictions of most PLR products  is that you can NOT give away the rights or sell the private label rights.

Here are just some ideas of how you can use PLR ebooks, reports and articles:

  • Build your list with PLR.  Giving away a PLR report, ebook and other PLR content to subscribers is a great way to get subscribers and build a list.
  • Provide Mini E-mail Courses! Use an autoresponder to set up automated e-mail courses such as a 10-part training course delivered to your customers over a 2 week period. Add your affiliate links into the report or sell a popular related product at the end of the course to your subscribers!
  • Use PLR for affiliate marketing. Insert your affiliate links and earn affiliate commissions.
  • Create Home-Study Courses! Online courses are popular!
  • Give away reports. You can get a great report, put your name on it and have your own product to sell or give away!
  • Sell ebooks! With PLR products, you become the author which means you have all rights to the product and you can market the product as you wish. Many PLR products come with sales letters and even graphics! You can sell an ebook as is, change it, or add additional content.
  • Create your own info products. Within a couple of hours you can put together your own info product and have it ready for sale. There is no easier way to create a steady stream of products. Think how quickly you can have an entire product line ready to go!
  • Add content to your blog or website.  Provide content on your site  or blog daily or weekly and build up loyal fans.
  • Add content for your newsletter.  Break up content and use in your newsletter or blog.
  • Use content to create PDF files and submit to document sharing sites.
  • Use content to create videos to post on your blog and submit to video sharing sites.
  • Compile into a physical book to sell.
  • Develop A Membership Site and make residual income by using quality PLR in your niche.
  • Increase your credibility! By providing good content, you’ll become an authority in your field of expertise.

Choose quality PLR content.

Some private label rights are complete junk while others are great quality. There are a lot of different types of PLR content sites available. Some offer one time purchases while others offer monthly memberships. Choose the one that has the topics you need for your business.